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4 Things To Consider When Designing A Custom Home For The Elderly


Do you have plans to construct a new custom home in Warren County? If you do, will your design ideas enable you to make your house into a home that is fit for your older years, or will it be a problem?

Employ Warren County home builders to transform your house into a futuristic home. An environment that is comfortable, safe, and secure for everyone. When your children are small and as they get older, the elements of your home must be comfortable and welcoming to them. It must also be suitable for you as a new parent and as you age. 

Consider the following essential design solutions for your new custom home that will make your senior years safer and more secure.

Door Knob Handles

A door handle can be in the shape of a doorknob (round) or a door lever (square). It is available in a variety of patterns, shapes, and functions. Some people can make a simple plain door appear majestic and expensive. However, some designs can be challenging for children and elderly persons with arthritis, which can be distressing.

Use the door lever rather than the doorknob because the lever is easier to use for children and older persons. It’s also more convenient to use if your hands are wet and greasy or if you’re holding something in both hands. You can still use your arm to open the door in that scenario.

Good Lighting

A home that is adequately lit will be safe and secure. You don’t want to have a bad fall due to a lack of proper lighting. The lighting should be enough but not blinding, as this will impair the elderly’s mobility.

  • Outdoor locations, reading places, bathrooms, stairways, and workspaces such as the garage and kitchen should all have sufficient lighting.
  • Install under-cabinet lighting in the cooking area and on the kitchen counter.
  • You should install light switches at both the bottom and top of stairwells.
  • Large rocker-type light switches are easier and more convenient to use, especially if you have arthritis. You can always use your elbow to turn on the lights when your hands are full. It may be more expensive than a traditional light switch, but it is more user-friendly for both children and adults.
  • Nightlights come in handy when you need to walk around at night, such as to the bathroom.
  • When there is a power outage, emergency lights will come in handy. You must fix the stairwells, kitchen, and exit doors with emergency lights.
  • Finally, make sure there are enough windows to let in plenty of natural light in the house. As people get older, the benefits of sunlight therapy become even more significant, as it is a proven treatment for depression in the elderly. It also contains vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium absorption. Sunlight can also be introduced into your home via skylights and glass doors.

Plug Points

  • If you have a backache, you know how hard it can be to bend over to turn on your computer or any other electrical device.
  • When you’re older or have a backache, it’ll be easier to plug or remove an electrical gadget from plug points that are located at a tabletop height rather than 1-foot off the floor. This place may not have a spectacular interior design, but it can still be acceptable if fixed properly.
  • People, young and old, may trip over extension cords, so they should be avoided. Put more plug points if you expect more people to use that area.

Bathroom Safety

  • Even children can be harmed by wet bathroom flooring. Non-slip floor tiles are a good choice. If you have a restroom mat, make sure it is non-skid.
  • Another essential gadget to install is a grab bar or handrail, which allows you to move around more freely, whether getting in and out of the shower or using the toilet.
  • Because it is less taxing on your knees and back, the toilet bowl and seat should be about 17 inches high. It might not be child-friendly, therefore add a non-slip step to let your kid use the toilet.
  • The bathroom door should open outwards rather than into the room. You can still go in and help if someone falls and is close to the door. Install a folding door as an alternative.
  • Install a phone extension in your bathroom so that if someone runs into difficulty, they may call for assistance.
  • Both kids and the elderly will find using a level design faucet easier. Hot and cold water mixers will also be easier to control.
  • A pressure-balanced shower lever will avoid any potential scorching. Installing a hand-held showerhead alongside a fixed shower head will make it easier for those with restricted mobility.

For almost 35 years, Home Source Custom Homes has been a leading Warren County custom home builder. We are a family-owned and run company known for our unwavering commitment to quality, enthusiasm for completing projects using cutting-edge technology and premium materials, and meticulous attention to detail. 

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