December 8

Custom Home: 6 Design Considerations For Your Home Office


If you work remotely, building a home in the St. Louis area can be the perfect opportunity to make that home office you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances where remote workers clock in from a kitchen table surrounded by heaps of paper. Perhaps you work from the couch at a makeshift workstation in the living room. In either case, planning and building your custom home can help you get rid of your unsatisfactory working conditions.

Having a spacious enough work area to fulfill their demands can go a long way for people who work from home. The extra room helps you stay organized and, as a result, produces higher-quality work. Sure, you can buy pricey desks with various amenities, but why settle when you can customize your own office with additional features?

If you’ve been considering building a home and working from home, we’ve got the perfect article for you. Keep reading for seven design solutions for your custom home.

1. Built-in Desk and Office Space

If you live in a house were having a private room to shut out noise may not be necessary, you can benefit from this unobtrusive design. For example, quiet home for a retiree or parents with children who have already left the nest would benefit from a built-in desk and office area.

To house, all of your supplies, choose stylish and strong cabinets, cubbies, and shelves that you can put right into the wall to suit your height. Then, select a color that complements the decor of your home, and you’re ready to go.

2. Brightening The Area

We felt that this had to be on the list regardless of the type of office you build because of its relevance. It’s critical to have good lighting in your workspace. To liven up your remote work environment, take advantage of new construction by building spectacular light fixtures.

For nighttime work, you can design larger, main overhead lights. Smaller, built-in desk light style lamps at mid-level on the wall are another idea we like.

3. Sound Proofing

If you have young children, you know how difficult it is to work on a computer while dealing with crying kids. It can be practically impossible, and you’ll be so frustrated you’ll lose your mind. This is your chance to correct these issues if you’re planning and building a new home with the help of home builders in St. Louis.

Design a soundproof room somewhere in the house. Specialty wall materials can be used to filter out disturbances from the inside or outside. Alternatively, you can create the office in a separate wing or portion of the house. For example, you can build a home office in the backyard separately or as an addition to the garage.

4. Under The Stairs

An adorable, cozy area to design your home office can be found beneath the stairwell. You can easily create a compact office space under the stairs if the requirements of your remote work are simple. You have the option of leaving these open or installing a tiny sliding door to provide greater privacy. 

5. Pocket Office

Pocket offices are becoming increasingly popular. You don’t need a large, luxury home to achieve this look, but they’re both pleasant and stylish. These offices are set up in cutouts along the walls, similar to how a breakfast nook is set up. Place them in front of windows to take advantage of natural light.

6. A Study’s Style

We saved the greatest for last. Build yourself a stylish study with all the usual aspects you’d expect of such a design by incorporating the highest degrees of flair. Build customized shelves for your favorite books and literature along the walls. Choose your favorite lights and add a touch of elegance to the ceiling design. Last but not least, don’t skip the enormous oak desk.
When you build a custom home in St. Louis, you have a lot of power over the features that go into it, so take advantage of it! Many of these amenities pay off generously, both in form and function. Contact Home Source Custom Homes, the best custom home builders in St. Louis, to find out what’s possible.


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