The Building Process

& What To Expect


Consultation Process

On your first visit, we’ll get to know each other and discover your needs and desires in a home. If you don’t have a plan yet, we’ll help you find one we can tailor to your specific needs. We want to understand how you want to live life in your new home and make sure your personality is reflected in the design.

What's The Cost?

Next, We’ll Price Your Home. We Will Find A Home That Will Fit Your Budget And Your Needs. A House That You Will Love For Years To Come.


Drawing & Designing

Drawing & Designing

Upon Acceptance Of The Price, We’ll Proceed To Drawing Your Blueprints. This Is When You Can Really Do A Mental Walkthrough Of Your New Home And Begin Placing Your Furniture On Paper.

Time to Shop!

You’ll need to choose all of your interior finishes while enjoying our builder discount, which has been previously negotiated with retailers

Time to Shop!

Finally, Construction Begins!

Finally, Construction Begins!

Once excavation has started, the typical timeframe is 4-6 months; keep in mind that timeframes can fluctuate depending on weather.

The Construction Process

Steps in Making Your Home

Site Work Prep and Excavation

This is a very exciting time during the building of your home. You’ll finally get to see where your house will sit, how big it will be, and what views you’ll have. This is the first physical step on the road to realizing your dream.


The foundation is the structure on which the rest of your house is built. Whether it is stone, concrete, steel, or wood; a basement, crawl space, pilings, or slab on grade, it needs to be strong, square, and dry. A house is only as good as the foundation on which it rests.


Most people consider the framing stage to be the most exciting. When the framing crew finishes the sub floor, you’ll be able to take your first walk around your new house. It’s an indescribable moment! You’ll see your home begin to take shape very fast with walls, windows, and the roof.


As the individual trades converge on your house, things will appear to slow down considerably, but in reality, a lot more work is actually being done on your house during the rough-in stage. It just won’t be as dramatic as the framing stage. During the next several months, multiple tradesmen will be installing the inner workings of your custom home.

Interior Finishes

It’s time to finish the walls, install the doors and trim, hang the cabinets, install light and plumbing fixtures, and put down the flooring and paint!

Exterior Finishes

While work is continuing inside, there is much to be done outside as well. Keep in mind that the entire exterior finishes need to be designed and installed to keep out the elements and protect the main structure for the life of the home. The exterior finishes are typically a combination of brick, stone, stucco, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, or wood.


Landscaping can tie your house together with the land. Keep in mind the placement of your trees; properly placed trees can help keep your house be cooler in the summer and protect it from cold winter winds.